Fugazzi Parfums

Fugazzi Eau de Parfum 1. -50ml

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Fugazzi Parfum:


A fragrance that lets you be you (and a little bit more)

It is indescribable, but we will have a go. Parfum 1 is fruity, spicy and woody. Rich and earthy; intense and sexy all-in-one. A fragrance that is not specially for men or women, but that lets you be you. And that amplifies your mood, self-confidence and attractiveness. Once the fresh top notes have caught the attention, the mysterious heart notes invite a deeper ‘conversation’, after which the dark base notes complete the seduction – and voilà!

260% increase in attractiveness!

Every bottle contains 4% of a secret natural ingredient that increases the production of human pheromones, up to 260%! Pheromones are the substances our body produces to make us attractive to others. And where’s the objection to giving nature a helping hand? FEEL FUGAZZI!

Foregoing traditional note pairing, Parfum 1 blends fresh top notes of citrus and blackcurrant with woody undertones of Sandalwood and Musk. It’s powerful, mysterious, and not afraid to make a statement. From the mountainous regions in North East India, to Mediterranean Spain, this fragrance contains ingredients from all around the world. A nod to its boundless nature, both across time and space.